Mermoz Associés is a guest at GICAT

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How to recruit in the defence and security sector.

Representatives of Mermoz et Associés, a direct contact recruitment agency, went to GICAT (Groupement des Industries Françaises de Défense et de Sécurité Terrestres et Aéroterrestres) (Grouping of French Industries in Land and Air Defence and Security) on 9 March to present the strategic issues involving recruitment in the defence and security sector.

The defence and security industry has several particularities which influence the recruitment process. This highly dynamic but relatively poorly known market currently has 15,000 recruitments per year. Adopting an effective recruitment policy is therefore primordial.

Their presentation offered the opportunity to highlight the necessity of properly defining one’s needs and one’s recruitment strategy, whether internally or externally. In addition, this requires proper communication about the business, its products and the variety of careers that are available to discerning candidates. Finally, it is important not to forget that recruitment is first and foremost a question of relations between two persons; 80% of recruitments fail due to relational issues. It remains essential to exchange with the candidate, to welcome and to accompany him or her throughout the recruitment process.

Direct contact recruitment agencies such as Mermoz & Associés offer a tailor-made package to find the candidate who most closely meets the requirements of the job. They work to highlight the benefits of this high-tech industry, which suffers from its sometimes negative image.

The presentation by the representatives of Mermoz & Associés is available on the GICAT website, solely for members.

The necessity of properly defining one’s needs and one’s recruitment strategy.Alexis Michau

Damien Saillard