Our transition managers accompany organisations at a determining moment in their life. Creators of economic and social value, all of our transition missions strengthen people and organisations, accelerate change and energize performances.

The manager that you need

Thanks to its perfect understanding of organisations and its knowledge of people, Mermoz Associés creates encounters and lasting relationships

The flight plan


Presentation of
the managers



A complete accompaniment

The company's presentation of the context and aims of the transition mission will lead to specifications being drawn up. We analyse the express needs and implied expectations in order to be able to respond to your requirements as quickly as possible and in the best possible manner.

Presentation of experienced Transition Managers

On the basis of the specifications, we look for the best possible correspondence within our community of transition managers. We offer our client one or two possible profiles which specifically correspond to the issues at stake.

One action plan, daily action

We accompany the Transition Manager in drawing up his diagnosis and presenting a detailed action plan. This action plan will be used as a roadmap and indicators throughout the mission. Throughout the mission, the Transition Manager will keep in touch with the partners at Mermoz. Weekly and monthly reports enable the client to track progress in the mission and check that milestones are reached.

The end of the mission which is the starting point for renewal

The Transition Manager, assisted by the Mermoz partner, drafts an end-of-mission report. This report provides a detailed description of the proper performance of the action plan and the results obtained. If necessary, it also presents areas where attention is required. The end-of-mission report also provides a set of recommendations to ensure that the transition mission will have long-lasting effects and can be capitalised upon by the organisation.

Intervention by Mermoz Associés

  • Transformation of the organisation
    Internal restructuring, external growth, overhauling processes, etc.

  • Accelerating commercial, operational,
    strategic performance

  • Particular expertise
    International development, new markets, etc.

  • Crisis management
    Find the Manager able to accompany all complex situations



  • Renowned experience in recruiting officers and executives.

  • The confidence and loyalty of its clients.

  • A large community of transition managers.

  • An attentive accompaniment, aiming for excellence.